Monday, January 11, 2016

2016 New Year Resolutions

You can't start a new year without having some resolutions to guide you through.
So here's mine:
1. Save up a certain amount of money
This is definitely one of the resolutions everyone must have yearly. To set a savings goal. I don't feel comfortable listing down the exact amount of money I'm going to be saving but you should have a specific amount of money to save for the year. Make it realistic as well. Don't set too high to make it unattainable and don't set too low to make it pointless. One tip on how much to save is to look into the future. Think about what you're saving for. A few examples would be car, housing and wedding. All these seems pretty far right now (for me at least), but I should be saving up for it now. It's never too early to start!

2. Travel at least once
I have set this goal to satisfy the wanderlust in me. Since I do not come from a wealthy family, I survive on my own income. That's why I can only afford to travel once/maximum twice this year. I already have plans to travel this January to Port Dickson and to Korea near year-end. I have reached my quota for the year. For those who are on a tight budget, do some budget forecasting so you can set aside some money to travel. Everyone needs a break from their hectic life be it school or work!

3. Start on my car license
For future road tripping and all that, I've decided that learning to drive a car is indeed a useful skill. I don't intend to get my license this year but starting on it is good enough. Which means my goal for next year is to get my car license!

4. Do more vlogs
Vlogging is considered to be my hobby. Depending on the kinds of hobby or hobbies you have, it's important to include them in your resolutions because it's important to leave time for the things you love to do! As you all may know, spending time on yourself is crucial. You need some bonding time with your soul as much as you need bonding time with your other half and close friends.

5. More patience and perseverance
Last year, I was lacking in this area the most. So this year, I've made it my mission to practice patience and perserverance in  my daily life more often. This goal is unmeasurable, but just in my daily life, when I face problems, I have to remind myself to be patient, or when I'm in my new job and I feel like quitting, to know that quitting doesn't exactly help. I got to try harder, work harder and stay on during difficult times. This also applies to my relationship.

6. Contribute more in my relationships
Just to clarify, it doesn't mean that I'm cheating on jx and having multiple relationships ok! What I mean by this is be it friendship, family or my relationship with jx, I want to put in more effort. Recently, I've fights with jx that was really, dramatic. I don't want history to repeat itself and I just want to treat him better than he deserved. So not just jx, I want all my closest friends and family to be loved more.

7. Drink more water
I wanted to put, be healthier, as a resolution but that's a bit general and vague. Drinking more water, even though it's again, unmeasurable, helps to constantly remind myself that hey, i should drink more water. And then do it. At the end of the year, just based on how many times I've followed through with that thought on getting that glass of water down my throat, instead of brushing it off with "ugh so lazy maybe next time", I'll know if I've accomplished this resolution.

8. Exercise regularly
Another one on health (it's always important to be healthy!). Last year, I started running again with jxn 'cause I gained weight!!!! Everyone said I became fatter, my face rounder and tummy bigger... So I must start getting toned. Running doesn't provide me with much motivation, so is going to the gym as the one near my place is not a women's gym and I always feel so insecure with all the guys there, carrying weights with bulging muscles. If my pay check allows, I will take up either Passport Asia, or a yoga membership!

9. Let go of hate
This is a big one, I'm constantly being reminded of the people that I don't like.  You know that feeling when there's just this person that gets under your skin and no matter how hard you try to scratch it out, it still stays and the worst part is, you get hurt in the process. Hating on someone only hurts myself, I am inflicting pain on myself for very stupid reasons so that's why, I want to let go of this hatred. What I plan to do is pray for that person, think positive and not compare myself to anyone. Most importantly, to not let it affect me.

10. Judge less and care less about people's judgements
In this world we live in, especially at this age, everyone judges everyone else. Anything that you do, be it good or bad, someone's going to have something negative to say about it. And no matter what you do, there'll always be someone hating on you or judging your actions. I want to care less about this and contribute less towards judgements. I know how it feels to be judged and I know a lot of people do as well, so why contribute to the hate? Invest in those who invest in you, fuck the comments of those that don't matter.

Lastly, to all the people that I've loved and lost, I thank you for having been part of my life. You were a part of molding me to who I am today. Every one of you, that was once someone close to me, I thank God for you. There's a reason you were in my life then, and a reason why you're not by my side now. Be it a lack of effort on your end, or mistakes that I've done that caused the end of our friendship, it doesn't really matter anymore. What's gone is gone and there's no point holding on to negative memories of each other. But for the ones that I've wronged and the people that were collateral damage, I apologize. To err is human, and I am definitely not the most perfect person and I am mostly filled with flaws. So I apologize to the ones that have suffered because of me and I wish you all well. May the new year bring you more love, happiness and success.

So I close this chapter of my life, and open a new chapter where I will make more smart mistakes, bring more love and cause less hurt.
To 2016!

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