Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015: Trying

Another year flew past and itś time for reflections. There were so much tears and most days I just feel lost. Even till now, as Iḿ quitting my job towards something I never thought I would be doing, I still feel uncertain. But itś the end of 2015 and I just want to remember everything. The good as well as the bad so when Iḿ older, I can look back at this period of my life, this transition into an adult, these trials, and know that they are necessary to mold me into a better person.

Highlights of 2015:
Job hunting/hopping (lol)
I changed 3 jobs, can you imagine. Iḿ the epitome of strawberry gen!! Currently at my 3rd job, and quitting that too. I really am still on the journey of self-discovery. Kudos to all those people who manage to stay past 1 year at their job (priscilla thats you). But I have big plans for 2016. I always have big plans.

my 21st Birthday party @ Equarius Hotel
Really had a blast at my birthday party! Even though the night ended with security guards chasing all of us out for being too loud (hey that means the party was real fun right), the drinking continued with jxś bunch of friends with my closest friends and we all drank a lot and some people toh (yes you jxn and jess lol and myself at the end hehe)
Not forgetting the rest of the birthday parties I attended and had a part in (jxś and jxnś)!


This year, I was more active on Youtube than on my blog. I have strong interest in videography and I really went the extra mile to vlog some of the outings I had with my friends and even doing my sisterś BTS wedding photoshoot vlog as well as my friendś birthday parties. Iḿ not the kind to be in front of a camera and speak about topics or beauty products. Iḿ more of the event type of girl? I like to do travel vlogs the most! Hopefully next yearś korea trip will happen and I can do a really good vlog on that!!!!

Taiwan Trip
Speaking of travel vlog, the only travelling I did was to Taiwan with jx! Going overseas is definitely a highlight so no surprise here. You can read all about it in my previous post hehe

I guess that sums up the whole of 2015. It really wasn´t my year to be honest. But I believe that everything happens for a reason, and the opportunity that I´ve missed, I´m sure God has better plans for me elsewhere. So to everyone else that are feeling lost, take time to live in the moment a little, trust God a little more, have faith and maybe just maybe, 2016 will be your year.

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