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17 April: #azzhoturns21 

I must say, it was a hectic as hell day. Woke up to pack a little, then to have lunch w jxn before we met up with pee and went to do henna. Rushed back to my place after grocery shopping with jess and carried 1000001 things to my first uber x to the hotel. Terry already checked in so we went to the room straight and we were in awe of how huge it was and the garden, was lovely. Got straight to decorating and setting up the place before we prepare for the night.

(hui hui came early to help out!)
(ma spies)
 (tryna act one photoshoot)
 (ma sister and i but she more like a mom)
(ma first guest - sally!!!!!) 
 (and her bae)
 (feat. my baker n soul sista)
(lip stick writing on da mirror - pee)

Then the sky turns dark, the party starts! I love the idea of an outdoor party, so a picnic party for me! Got some cloth and lay it down on the grass for people to sit and eat and chit chat. The weather was not too bad, at least it didn't rain! But the heat is still very real and I apologise if you (my guest) didn't really enjoy it. It was more of an intimate affair, i didn't really invite a lot of people and I'm sorry if you weren't on the list!! But hey, it saves you on the present money hehe oh however, there were really a lot of insects!!! The area was filled with cicada (i think) and a few even went into the room! Major horror but kudos to my man and xiao 'en for saving the day, catching them and throwing them further away. 

(my team!!)
(childhood friends forever)
(investigation REBORN)
(wei ling n belley!)
(van n alexa!)
(xiao ling n greggie)
(da punggol bois we cycle all night)
(my boys from chr!)
(the couples!)
 (my baeeeee)
(van, don't stare at us leh!)
(ah the beauty of this cake, is beyond words. to me, it tastes like heaven, i could taste your love in every bite hehe thanks my boo)
(whats happening????)

After chilling, eating, drinking, chatting, playing games, it was time for cutting cake! Said to be the most awkward moment if you're a shy person, but nah i'm totes not shy so it was fine for me hahahaha then it was picture-taking time AGAIN omg I think the most tiring thing I did the whole night was smiling at cameras. Just look at my face, yes I was like NOT AGAIN. 

(fuchun pri!)
(ben & jerry's!)

(misc. hahahaha)

The night didn't really ended very well, the management called and even came down personally to tell us that we received many complains! We were so loud and rowdy until rooms all around us, complained. No choice but for my guests to leave immediately :( Felt pretty bummed that the night had to end like that but the post-party made up for it! Some of my friends came back and drank with jx's friends. The funniest part was when we surprised jxn with a small cake, 'cause it was midnight already and Mervyn asked whether we planned all of it, including the chasing out. hahahaha but yeah jxn got pretty drunk, myself too, and the rest........ could tell they were having fun lah right hehe

I've said my piece of thanks on instagram and private chats already. But once again, my party would not be possible without my sisters for paying for most of it while i fork out only $100? Big thanks to prisc, jxn and jess for meeting me so early and helping me with my groceries as well as my decorations, my videos and everything else! So grateful to hui hui for coming earlier to help out too, even though you must've felt a bit awkward alone there :( And also to xe and esther for collecting my heavy food for me, baking my cake and being my photographers! Not forgetting my boyfriend, jie xiang, who helped me to clear everything up the next day.

Lastly, all this wouldn't be possible if y'all didn't come! So thank you, to all of you that made the effort to travel down to such a remote area, bought me presents and hung out with me. Y'all are diamonds in my life and I love each and every one of you! My birthday wish is for everyone to have love and happiness always x

Best. Day. Ever.

18 April: #tohjiax21st 

Rushed down from my place after cabbing back from the hotel, took about 30 minutes to prepare before meeting pee and uber x again to jxn's hotel for her turn of 21st birthday party. Kudos to our mutual friends who had to turn up for both parties back to back! Was a little late so we set up the place in a hurry, pee and I did jxn's make up and shortly after, the guests arrive. The food was kindly collected by the chr boys. Not too bad I must say, it was from Taste of Thailand, yum.

(a very glam picture of the birthday girl)

After the hustle and bustle of my party the day before, I was pretty chilled. Just sat around, chit chatting with friends, helping jxn take pictures and videos. Her cake was beautiful and tasted really good too!

Drank a little at jxn's party with mervyn's friends before we call it a night at 4am. Made her a really short video, and I hope she loves it.

Thanks for being such a great friend, you know that I love you lah. Wrote you a card with words from my heart already hehe

That's the end of our #ariesweekend that we anticipated for so long. Time flies, and we're 21. It doesn't feel like much, but our actions now hold so much weight and there's no more #yolo because our actions comes with repercussions now. It's the time to grow up and fight for what we want. No more nights of spending our money away without a thought and sleeping at 6 in the morning drunk/tipsy. May we always follow our heart, never settle for less, and continue to grow and earn big bux doing what we love.

As always, thanks for reading! xoxo

(edited all the photos on iPhoto but idk why they turn out unedited when I post it on the blog?!??!?) 

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