Wednesday, January 21, 2015

JX's 21st Birthday

Time travel back to the 2nd of January, where the boy celebrated his 21st birthday at Swissotel Merchant Court (they don't allow parties). 
 (happy birthday you :* so blessed to have you by my side)
 (#hob thanks for coming!!!!!! n their partners..... can't wait for us to reach 10!!!!)
 (awwwwww ji cute)
 (jess face pls maintain)
 (his royal family :-) *missing the sister*)

The hard drive he brought with movies packed in helped to entertain some of his guests which was pretty great. He ordered food from Orange Clove as I don't think the hotel allow food catering the usual way what with buffet tables and food warmers and all that. Thankfully, we ordered pizza cuz the food was pretty much cleared! Oh and the eclair from Orange Clove was delicious! Not forgetting the 50 mini cupcakes he bought from Whips Cupcake is cheap and nice too!!! Cake-wise, was pretty much last minute and we ordered from Bakerzin, he loves strawberry shortcake so we ordered a huge ass strawberry shortcake (you'll see it in the video). Jump to the after party, where we drank and chill and he got sooooooooooo drunk and the whole place was in a mess...... but nonetheless, I hope he enjoyed it and his guests as well :-) 

It's gon' be my turn in 3 months' time! I hope it'll be a blast xxx 

(p/s I'm going to blog about 2014 in my next post)
(p/p/s didn't put in pictures of his friends....... sorry!)
Thanks for reading :-) 


FellyWellyBelly said...

Hello! Can I ask how did you manage to sneak food in the hotel? Went up from the carpark?

Ashley said...

Hi, nope, we just carried it from the lobby hahaha they didn't really notice or say anything!