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#jxmyash to Bali

// UPDATE: here's a short video on our trip to Bali x //

Congratulations to the boy for getting through BMT! So to celebrate, during his block leave after POP we went to Bali :-) It was a double celebration for both of us as I got accepted into SIM! I'll be studying Professional Communications at RMIT with Alexa yay I've already got a friend hehe

And congratulations once again to my boy for getting into Airforce (so proud of you)

So this is our take on Bali! We didn't have a lot of time as our flight touched down at night and we had to leave in the morning on Saturday. So we only have 3 full days to explore the island :-(
Nonetheless, we tried to make the most of our time by only going to places we really wanted to visit plus we were also quite short on cash (that explains why i'm very broke now) and Bali really is quite expensive so the next time I visit Bali, i'll make sure to save up!

(feeling pretty excited for our first overseas trip together hehe)

We contacted Kadek for chauffeur services as recommended by our friend, the prices he quoted were a bit higher than we thought it'd be which was a bummer as it meant that we had lesser money for other activities :-( But anyhow, Kadek was really friendly and informative.

Waterbom Bali

We stayed at Villa Babibu which we booked through Airbnb, I have a new found love for airbnb it is so easy! I love reading the reviews of previous guests to aid in my decision as to which apartment/villa to book.

We started our morning right by getting our breakfast fix at Flapjaks omg it is damn good!!!!! If you're heading to Bali anytime soon, I highly recommend here! The service is good, the pancakes are fluffy and soft, the breakfast set is huge and at an affordable price as well :-)

We didn't take any photos at Waterbom Bali because we didn't have any waterproof cameras/go pro
 :-( but we had a splendid time there! The rides were totally heart-stoppingly good I tell you it was damn thrilling I nearly died in 1 or 2 of the rides. The best ride we had was Climax (such pun) which is a vertical slide that drops you at an incredibly high speed. That is really not for the faint-hearted. I whined to the boy 200000000 times and nearly bailed while queuing. All in all, Waterbom Bali is a must go and it's conveniently located just beside Discovery Mall!


I read a lot of articles about Bali and many were dissing Kuta Beach, but really, when you step out of the mall and the beach view comes alive in front of you, it is still stunning. Walking along this stretch of sand reminds me of days in Boracay which I miss terribly. 

 (#coupleweardon'tcare here's our matching havaianas slippers hehe)

(dat smile tho)

We wandered back into the mall as it was still quite a while before the sunset and we found the best restaurant to dine in whilst watching the sunset!!!!! Celsius Cafe and Grill is located at the top of Discovery Mall. Do not be deceived by the extravagant look of the restaurant as the food is pretty affordable! We ordered some local beer (Bintang) and had our dinner at the balcony dining area of the restaurant. The sunset however, was quite a disappointment as the sun didn't dip into the sea as we expected, it disappeared into a cloud :-( 

Spent the rest of our night getting lost in the streets of Kuta because we couldn't find Jln Legian (hais)  bought breakfast for the following day as our villa is nowhere near any shops at all. But before that we did foot massage at a roadside salon for 60,000 rupiah? if i'm not wrong and it was so relaxing.

White Water Rafting 

I must say we paid quite handsomely for white water rafting. It was about USD55? We took the longest and supposed hardest trail, 2.5 hours in a 16km and class 3-4 rapid water at Telega Waja river and we even have a certificate each so I guess it's not too bad? This was the most expensive activity we did but also the highlight of our trip so it was worth the money. The experience was beyond thrilling and we had so much fun! It got quite tiring after awhile but we managed to pull through and it's definitely a must-try! 

Black Sand Beach

After getting knocked by a paddle, bumped around the river and nearly losing one side of my slipper, we had our lunch and went off to admire the black sand beach! My main purpose of being at the black sand beach is just to take nice pictures lol typical singaporean but hey! it's not everyday you get to step on volcanic ashes and all that so #achievementunlocked

Didn't really take much pictures after that as we went for our spa which includes a full body massage, full body scrub and a flower bath. 2 hours passed by just like that and the ache from rafting magically disappears! Everything was quite shiok except for the shoulder massage which hurts like mad :-(

Dinner we settled at a local eatery, Warung Pak Hadi, which is something like tze char back in Singapore. The prices were damn cheap but the food was so-so. After satisfying our tummy, Kadek drove us to Legian again where we walked around the area, shopped a little bit, drank some beer and ended our night at Sky Garden. The party scene seems quite happening but we didn't really partied as we both weren't really feeling up to it. However, we wanted to experience and see what Sky Garden was like and it really didn't disappoint.

Ubud: Monkey Forest

I would say that the Monkey Forest is a nightmare for those who are not a big fan of monkeys because well they are EVERYWHERE I know it's called Monkey Forest for a reason but if you do decide to buy a bunch of bananas the monkeys will go bananas for your bananas (no pun intended hehe) we witnessed many tourists getting violated by monkeys as they climb on them to get their hands on the bananas 

 (The boy wanted to show how monkey's hands are so similar to ours *cringe*)
(my expression does not equate to one of happiness i assure you i was scared shitless)
 (but ok la they are quite cute................)
(here is one true expression of mine hahahahahah)
 (this bugger not intimidated by monkeys at all lor)
 (monkey 1 and monkey 2 sitting back to back so romantic)

Ubud: Tegallalang Rice Terraces 

Climbing those rice terraces gave me muscle ache the next couple of days. IT IS NO JOKE damn tiring omg I wonder how those farmers do it daily but the view is amazing!!! #noragrets 

 Introducing to you the famous and incredible, highly sought after, Babi Guling!! We had it at Babi Guling Ibu Oka which is located in Ubud. It was delicious yummy yummy pork (sorry I do love my pork)

Ubud: Village and Market 

 (had a korean couple took this for us and well, they didn't exactly took the statues but oh well)

Jimbaran Bay Beach

 (oops a little bit of PDA)

For our last night, we splurged on a dinner at the oh so famous, Jimbaran Beach. They are famous for having seafood dinner by the beach so you can expect a high price as they are selling the view too. It was really breath-taking. The most romantic place for dinner and we had a really good time. There were even performers going about each table singing songs for you (expecting tips of course)

 (relax and unwind mmhmm)

Got back to our villa and had an early night before we set off back to Singapore the next morning. But before that, took a few pictures on the bed because it all looked too pretty not to! 

Bali is definitely a place I want to revisit because there was so many things I have yet to do! And a special shoutout to you again my man, for tolerating my nonsense, cheering me up when i pms and taking care of me hehe you're the best i love you x 

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