Friday, August 29, 2014

weekend with you

x A weekend spent with you 
you are my happy pill x

Really had a great weekend last week during my staycation with jx, walking on the beach in the night sky talking about random things just being next to you makes me feel alive I never thought i could feel this way about somebody else or that i could ever find someone again and you.......... you make me really happy :') so we had a simple dinner at the soup spoon before we left to watch 'Lucy' which I thought was awesome because I love Scarlett Johansson but other than that I thought it was a really cool movie I don't entirely agree to the concept of like evolution and shit like that but it's still cool the ending's a bit wtf but ok la I still like the movie hehe 

Oh and I finally finished watching Game Of Thrones which was omg I can't I can't wait for the next season!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE KHALEESI she's so pretty 

Ok i've nothing much to update about really I spend all day working but I'm going to write up some thoughts in my head and well, stay tuned for that? 

Thanks for reading xoxo 

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