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UPDATE: Here's a short video I made during the trip I hope you guys enjoy it :-) 

 An impromptu trip with these girls to Hong Kong! We only spent 3D2N there so we didn't visit attractions like Disneyland or Ocean Park. Which is kind of a bummer as I'm a major fan of theme parks.... However, we spent our days like this: 買東西 吃東西 買東西 吃東西 (shopping and eating and shopping and eating). Hong Kong is actually quite a small city but what they offer is sumptuous food. We spent our days wisely by waking up at 7am and we even partied at Lan Kwai Fong at night. Sleep is definitely not in our itinerary but we managed to survive well. I might be coming back again during December and perhaps then I'll be able to explore more places.

But for now, here's my take on Hong Kong: 


(the staff thought we were lesbians n I as the butch -_-) 

#firststop: We had our breakfast at the highly raved Australia Dairy. I personally think that the scrambled egg is awesome, but the macaroni and bread was so so. The pudding was good though. Still a must go when you visit Hong Kong but you have to eat really fast as they queue is always so long they would probably ask you to leave if you dilly dally or something.

We shopped at Langham Place which is a Shopping Centre that holds international brands like Monki, H&M, Pandora, Aape, Izzue and etc. They've got Style Nanda there as well! Monki's cheap there especially their sales I got a pair of HW jeans for only $24SGD. The quality is good la not those fake denim material. If those stores are not what you are looking for, we also shopped at Argyle Centre which is damn cheap la! Their apparels are trendy like those blog shops and they also have a lot of street wear. I would say Argyle Centre is very similar to Bugis Street back home. It's only a few storey high and they are mostly fake goods ranging from $10-20SGD. There are even more expensive items depending on the store and the quality.

We stayed at LodgeWood Hotel which was really good. It's near Mongkok and the room's nice and it's not very expensive either. We dropped our loots for the day, changed and went for dinner.
For dinner we ate at a Teahouse called Kam Wah Cafe. It wasn't fantastic so I didn't take pictures of our food. After dinner we continue walking around and headed to the famous Ladies Market. To be honest, there's really nothing much to buy from there. It's mostly Pasar Malam stuff hahaha


(polkadot woman)
Breakfast was at Tim Ho Wan, surprisingly there were no queue at all. Didn't managed to take a food shot but it was the usual THW food we ordered. The prices weren't that much of a difference (so says jxn). I don't really know how much it was all I did was eat hehe 

After breakfast, we went walking around different streets again. I can't remember the street names as Zaxe were the one bringing us around and I blindly followed. We went to Forever 21, Uniqlo and Topshop. That street was filled with really expensive brands too which we didn't even take a second look. 
Lunch at Mak's Noodle, the wanton noodle served in a small portion which was not too bad. 
Went to buy egg tarts at this fucking fantastic shop, Tai Cheong Bakery. Omg the egg tart is too heavenly I feel like crying i miss it so much..... 
(outdoor photo shoot with topshop paper bag)
(i'm at the peak, but first #lemmetakeaselfie)

(oops caught on camera cyber cafe-ing)
(beautiful view of Hong Kong; which kinda reminds me of Singapore lol)
(well here's a photo of me looking every bit like a tourist)
We wanted to take the Peak Tram up but the queue was too long.... So we took a cab to and fro. The view is really stunning especially when nightfalls. It was quite a long wait for the transition but I guess it was worth it.
Prepped up at the hotel before we leave to have sushi at Sushi One. They have half prices after 10pm!
Didn't really take much photo at LKF as it was mostly dark and we were drinking and listening to music and people watching and just enjoying the night life. We only went to The China Bar and Graffiti though. The bars there closed quite early. By the time we left it was around 2 plus 3. The girls didn't really drink that much. Oh and we got screen by police in the cab hahaha

#Day 3
Our lunch was spent in The Library Café recommended by LadyIronChef! The ambience, service and food was up to standard. A really nice cafe to check out! 
(lol found my street)
We went to the habour city toooooooo and quite a lot of things were on sales I got myself a Marc Jacobs necklace at 40% off omg loving the steal 

(stunning view)
Walked along the Avenue Of Stars and it was quite interesting having to find celebrities that we actually know. Jackie Chan's hand print on the floor looks damn cui already because I guess many people have tried to put their hands on his. Didn't take photos of it but this is in my video!

Stayed awhile for the lights show and then walked around trying to find egg tarts but they were all sold out..... Finally ate curry fish ball and the egglets! Our last supper for the night was at Tsui Wah Restaurant. The bread is so delicious.

The rest of the night was quite boring as we had to wait until 6am for our flight so we had supper, chatted and played games to last the night. That's all for my post on Hong Kong! I hope you guys enjoyed it :-)

p/s most of the photos here are taken by Zaxe so credits to her muacks
p/p/s i'll do a simple video on hong kong really soon watch out for that xoxo
p/p/p/s Special thanks to Zaxe for being our tour guide muacks muacks 

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