Monday, June 23, 2014

My 3 Years In RP

Graduation passed quite awhile ago and sad to say I had to miss it as I was in Boracay. But missing graduation doesn't mean I have to miss thanking my friends that I've made throughout my 3 years in RP. This journey is definitely memorable and the times I've spent with every single one of you was never wasted. Thank you for spending your time with me, teaching me, guiding me, consoling me, allowing me to make you guys laugh/happy and making me happy/laugh as well. Everyone of you is precious to me and I wish you guys all the best in your endeavours, be it work or studies, shine bright :-)

Year 1 Semester 1:

This is the beginning of something I didn't really know what to expect. I didn't even want to be in this course tbh, it was sheer luck if you can call it that, which landed me in Events Management. Before even going for class, most of us would have went through the Freshmen Orientation Program and that is where we first meet the people who are going to be our classmates/schoolmates/friends/best friends/close friends/boyfriend/girlfriend/enemy/acquaintance and the list goes on.

My class was W47R and boy those were really the days. I was 17, one year before I turn legal and the party animal in me has already risen. My close friends from this class were Peggy, Xanthe, Chelsia and Charmaine. We actually have a name for our clique, "Tai Tai". I guess that title kinda meant we all wanted to be a tai tai in the future, which for me I don't think will be possible *cries* Anyway, we started to hang out together and guess where we went!!!!!????? No prize for that, it was Powerhouse! Omg that was my first ever clubbing experience, I remember feeling nervous and excited at the same time. I didn't know how to dance and I didn't know how much my alcohol tolerance actually was. But I remembered having a good time and that's how I started my RP journey, partied my Y1S1 away with those girls and it was really one of the best times!!! :')

p/s I joined ben and jerry's as well which is also another defining moment which drew me closer to a few people as well as made new friends :)

Year 1 Semester 2:

We then started to study something relevant to our course and our classmates were our course mates! And this was my liveliest and definitely noisiest class ever what with Eugene Saw, Vincent, Bryan and Shawn joining forces, creating video clips into their presentation and I tell you our laughters combined together can break walls. Seriously damn funny. I think back about the things we did I literally smile to myself :') Classes were really fun too with our first ever field trips that we all get excited over!

Not forgetting all the girls as well wah even if there were several cliques, there were such bond between all of us :) I'm so glad I met Sally, one of the closest girl friends I have till date and I'm forever blessed to be her friend.

Year 2 Semester 1:

The novelty of school has died down and the dread took its place. The most historical moment of this semester has got to be Nat and Joel having a debate during class hahaha

So this semester, I really went all out studying (even though I still skip school) . My grades improved because of the hard work I've put in this semester thank God!! Well, other than lunching in with my classmates, laughing about some girl (ok i admit we were quite mean), this semester was quite dull. But I'm so glad I made friends with Wei Ling and Isabelle :) They still make me laugh and bring me comfort and joy to this day!

Year 2 Semester 2: 

This was the semester we organised Jive Fiesta and that was really a rich experience! We had Ms Tng for one of our modules and she's one of the best faci ever :-)  I had a lot of fun with classmates like Elsent, Greg, Jason, Alison, Michelle Choh, Marj, Imran, Jean, Clarissa, and etc..... This class was really the bombs as well! Always making fun of Greg hehe
And omg our TWO class chalets were the best I had so much fun I hope you guys did too.  I WANT ANOTHER CLASS CHALET LA I MISS ALL OF US :'(

Year 3 Semester 1: Internship

My internship at Sentosa was quite ok, not exactly what I like doing but not what I really hate as well. My colleagues were lovely though :) I wasn't the best intern, I slacked a lot and a huge problem came down on me and it was so hard to concentrate at work, but I'm glad I managed to pull through and passed my internship!

Year 3 Semester 2:

The last lap of my RP life featuring classmates Hafizah, Vanessa, Alexa, Min, Med and all the lovely people in my class I really do like our class a lot :) We have our all star team, the pandora team and then the boys and the rest were just..... the rest  ha ha like me! But the 2 reports to complete was torturous omg I can't do reports I just can't :( So yeah i was also more hardworking this semester because come on, it's the last lap already! (yay and I got into the director's roll of honour's!!) Oh and building booths was really fun too!

I'd have to say we were more emotional this semester because we know our poly life is coming to an end and I was filled with both negative and positive emotions!! I really didn't want my poly life to end but I don't really want to study either and wake up early for school and all hahaha such contradictions..........

So yes, this sums up my 3 years and I feel so.......... empty now without RP. I love you guys la :')

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