Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Mumbai 2012


*because of the excessive amount of things to blog about for Mumbai, i'll be listing only key words/emotions n the main focus of the day

Day 1: Getting to Mumbai

  • Cabbed to Yishun to fetch Bryan and both of us excitedly went to the airport to meet the rest. 
  • Accidentally took Isabelle's passport n caused a huge chaos at the airport (sorry belley) 
  • With my plane buddy Jie Yi! 
  • Sights, Sounds, Smell totally different from Singapore everyone is.... Indian. ha ha n yes was well prepared for the honking but not that much that night on the way to the hotel 
  • I must say i was quite...... not impressed with the hotel it's small and located at some ulu corner with nothing along the streets to entertain us when we've nothing to do when we're in the hotel 
  • Settled down at our hotel room n my sleeping buddy is Wei Ling (!!) was actually quite satisfied with our own room but when we headed over to Irbelley n Rae's room we were like WTF their room so much bigger so unfair :'( 

Day 2: Orphanage trip and Prince of Wales museum

  • Woke up in the morning feeling like........ a zombie 
  • Dressed in mumbai's tee n headed to the orphanage (Asha Sadan) 
  • Located at some ulu place again 
  • walked around listened to different stories of different kids (teared) 
  • played with a kid and did coloring with them 
  • museum trip was b o r i n g but not too bad as i was w my friends n we were fooling around
  • lunch was buffet omg fucking fantastic omg orgzzz
  • illegal trip to the market outside our hotel and it was so unforgettable! Definitely so much different than Sg's market they literally slaughter the chicken right then and there. 
(i'm glad I live in Singapore......)

Day 3: Bollywood Tour
  • Helipad! had a really good view 
  • Visited the real set of a bollywood film super interesting (real filming took place as well!) 
  • Went to their recording studio and sang a bit of 'sunday morning' hearing myself through the headphones was............. a w e s o m e completed my dream of being a singer (ha ha) 
  • Dance studio learnt bollywood dance moves and taught them Gangnam Style 
  • Shopping (nothing to buy actually m e h) 

Day 5: Elephanta Caves
  • Climbed up the mountain so tempted to spend money just so the people there to carry me up like a princess but................ decided not to :( 
  • The stories behind each carvings of their God was interesting n i like how the philosophies live through the years 
  • N yes souvenir shopping again!! 

Day 6: Exhibition, Hotel Visit and Shopping
  • I must say the day was totally tiring 
  • Educational day indeed
  • not much of shopping though it was m e h 

Day 7: Airport -- Home
  • Home sweet home :) 

 Had a fantastic week in Mumbai, the SOT trip was a blast and we really wanted the school to organise another one because this was so much fun! But they couldn't and so we can only keep this memory close to our heart. The trip to Mumbai was very enriching and I really want to go to India again :-)

Thanks for reading xoxo

p/s all photos were unedited so sorry for the crappy quality :( 

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