Thursday, May 29, 2014


The 8 days spent in Boracay were absolutely fantastic. I thought that I'd have plenty of time to catch up on books, lie on the beach and tan but no - we spent every single day there very wisely. It was definitely a magical week and I would have never made it to the island without my sister's financial support. We did a lot of water sports and our highlight of the trip was actually Ariel's Point. We made new friends both local and international, conquered our fears and accomplished the 15m cliff jump. *pats on back for that*

One thing we wanted to do but didn't have the time and the money to was Pub Crawling. So if you're heading to Boracay anytime soon, do check them out, I think it'd be fun! Remember to haggle like crazy because they really eat tourist's money. We spent about 4 nights partying/chill drinking because they really have their night life game strong! Places we went were Guilly's, Epic, Juice and Summer Place. The one place we wanted to go but missed out on is Club Paraw. Food-wise, Jonah's Fruit shack is shit. The fruit juices are ok but otherwise, nothing fantastic. We loved the Mang inasal it was so yummy and cheap :-) Good choice to stay in Station 2 by the beach unless you're filthy rich, then Station 1 is for you as they expect huge tips.

So yup, I'll let the pictures show you how we spent our 8 days in paradise:

(getting a henna tattoo and cornrows #typicaltourist)
(the beautiful sunset you get to watch every single day)
(lol super model gone wrong)
(anyway there was nothing to see underwater no fish no nothing m e h) 
(helmet diving!!!)

(in my head: this is so cool i can scratch my nose without worrying the waters will get in)
(yummy oysters)

(backyard bbq delicious food a lot of koreans dine here)
(island hopping tour)

(snorkelling yay so many fishes)
(the ho sisters conquered flying fish without falling off hurray)
(the fantastic mang inasal)
(jumping yeah! jumping yeah! jumping everybody)
(scuba diving!!!)

If you think photos are not enough, check out the video I made:

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