Monday, March 24, 2014

hello there

n if you have realised that pimple on my cheek is pissing me off i keep picking at it :'( plz don't leave a scarrrrrrrrrrrrrrr 

Hi! How's it going? ha ha it has been quite awhile since I last blogged and no it's not because I'm lazy but there's really nothing much to update about because I'm mostly working my ass off. Yup, I have 2 part-time jobs now and I'm going to apply for a full-time job before I start school during Jan. That is if I get in. I was struggling between Business Mgmt and Communications at RMIT and I came to a decision to follow my passion which is....................................... Communications! I thought that Biz mgmt would be an easy way out because it's recognised practically everywhere. But that's not really what I'm interested in, it's just what I'm ok with. My friends tell me to follow my dreams, to do the things that interests me and that is why I chose Communications even though it's going to be harder because, let's face it, my English is not excellent, I have no background in Comms at all and I'm not even sure I know how to write a proper report. So it's going to be a lot of hard work........

Anyway, I'm going to be blogging about my 3 years in RP. The people I've met, the experiences from all the different years from year 1 to year 3 and I do hope that it'd be interesting and if you were in my class before and you're reading this right now, thank you for being a part of my RP journey! I can't say this enough: TIME REALLY FLIES........

Another thing to look forward to is the Mumbai post I'd be completing, yes it has been in my drafts since God knows when and I was always too lazy to complete it. Since my RP journey is ending I might as well blog about it as well! hehe revisiting those days will be such a joy, I can't wait!

So a short update for you guys who even bother to read this space, thanks once again for taking your time :-)


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