Friday, March 7, 2014

G'bye RP

so here i am, done with tests, classes and field trips. Thanks to all the facilitators that taught us well :)

 Mr. Yuan - always joking around with us

Mr. Sim & Ms. Lim - teaching us with passion

Ms. Queenie - Treating us with yummy sweet treats
Ms. Shamla - creative lessons and actually making law interesting

Unfortunately, we did not take a picture with Ms. Cheong :(

Well, here's my Y3S2 classmates that made attending classes better :)

Well, that's about it, all these are recent photos taken on the last few days of school, i'll do another blog post about my 3 years in RP featuring all the different classmates I have so watch out for that! :) 


On another note, here's what i've been up to! 

I went to Fenix Room with my sister and her friends~ 

I had a ball of time :) 

Then a recent Sunday, it was family day after work at Uniqlo! 
 I went roller blading for awhile at Woodlands Waterfront and we had dinner there too
 Travis and I! My mischievous yet sweet nephew

After that, which was on Monday was our last paper and this bunch of us went ice skating!
 We were all so very excited and nervous hahaha
It was wei ling's first time and she fell down :( But it's ok becuz dj gregie is here to save the day muahahaha
 beware i'm the evil ice queen hahahaha i cannot express my love for ice skating it's just too much if i've a daughter next time i'd definitely make her take up ice-skating lessons (plz i hope she don't hate it)

After ice skating, I went to meet my primary school friends for dinner at Taste Of Thailand omg looking at this is making me drool..................
 toilet shot with xiao qian hehe
 so we went for dessert at salted caramel!

It was really nice to have met up with them after such a long time, please lets meet up again soon!!!! 

oh so i went to JB on tuesday! 

and then #tgiw at zouk!
 Hojj's very creative idea of putting my phone at the handle bar to take this shot hahahaha
 another toilet shot hahahaha
my girls that night xx 

The night ended on a really bad note but oh well what's done is done it didn't exactly ruined the night for me and i hope it goes the same for the rest :) 

Thanks for reading and i'll blog again real soon xoxo 

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