Saturday, March 1, 2014

day out with

#teaminvestigation funny how this group chat started but i'm glad it did becuz i get to hang out with friends like you guys aw i'm sweet :)

so yup initially our plan was to go to Sentosa but the boys said the plan wasn't going to work because it was going to rain so we met late and went to town to watch a horror movie, after that we headed to had mookata! Even though it was really warm, the food was still satisfying. We went to have dessert at Ah Chew and then went our separate ways~

Ali and I were kinda bored so we decided to join zhenyu and his friends at V5 which kinda made my night i really had fun and i hope ali did too :)

On another note, i can finally say i graduated after my paper on monday wow time really flies the three years that seemed so long were in fact, really short. I still can't fathom the feelings i'm experiencing right now trapped between euphoria, sadness and lost. Lost as to what I'm going to do after graduation, work? study? how am I supposed to do something I find passion in? How do I get there? Now I realised the importance of a good GPA because of all the scholarships i'm looking at. But i still have hope and the future is not bleak, what a contrary to what I thought previously. Time really changes most things and I'm glad it did. Embrace change everyone, all graduates, time to kick ass in the real world ;)

xoxo thanks for reading /

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