Monday, February 10, 2014

Chinese New Year '14

Happy Chinese New Year Once Again! Received enough red packets????? if not, well you still have next year :)

First selfie of CNY :p 

 #sisters going visiting!
 can you believe it? girls really haha my sister was on the road while we took this so dangerous wor
 with this cutesy always ready for a photo :) 
 n it was time for lo hei!!!!!! 
 n here's a family photo! always a good time every year, lots of laughters and joy :) 
 went to watch 'Robocop' with these bunch of people as per tradition since 2 years back! 

As usual, CNY wasn't much for me, just spending time with the family :) Am blessed even though we're not rich and it seems like a curse was placed upon us, i'm glad we have each other...

Fast forward to CNY BBQ with the UQs! Last 2 years we had steamboat so we decided to do something different! But i think we should just stick to steamboat hahahaha

So that's about it! Will blog about Li Ping's 21st soon :) - might do up a video if I've time!!!! stay tuned thanks for reading xoxo 

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