Sunday, January 26, 2014

new year's eve

omg don't tell me i know this post is late hahahaha super late but hey it's still january so not so bad right!

ok to sum it up new year's eve started off on a good note but ended terribly it was no joke one of the lousiest night hahahaha but oh well i started 2013 on such a good note but still....... yea you get the drift so anwz here's how it went:


Jess n I met for lunch, chit-chat about how the year turned out and also about the future, then we went to NTUC to buy whatever that was needed for the picnic n off we went to the barrage!!

 food cooked by both my maid and jess whoop whoop
 yay all my girlies for the night worz hahahahah ok pardon my disgusting singlish

After the barrage we went to sheesha @ nabins which was ok we spent our countdown there and it was quite funny hehe

After Nabins we headed to some place to drink which tio raid n wah the night went downhill after that no elaboration is needed so yups that's all hehe

p/s i'm going for an audition tmrw lol no expectations so all the best to us :)

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