Thursday, January 30, 2014


So January passed by in a blink of an eye! It's already the 30th and tmrw's Chinese New Year.
Happy New Year You Guys :)

I kinda dread february because............... i'm single and it's valentine's day :( but o well I hope I'll be enjoying my TGIF either at home with movies and a pint of ben & jerry's or out with my girls! Let's not worry about that now, plans will surface when the date arrives and I hope I won't be too devastated... 

OK enough of my sob story! I shall summarise a few things I've done in jan:

went drinking w jess n pee again teehee

yes my face is fat and gross ugh i know 

So yeah then I went for Shermine's birthday party! 

the quirky and beautiful shermine <3 comment-3--="" nbsp="">
here's med! 
joining in with a funny face photo hehe

us with imzzzz
n suzzzz
camwhore timeeeeeeee
whatchu looking' @ 
giant imz 
our smile with our eyes ANTM look hahahaha i forgot what it's called dammit sally need to maintain hahaha

Had a great day over @ her party :)

then i celebrated my sister's birthday (small small celebration and I have yet to give her a present sigh)

Met up with my girls <3 comment-3--="" nbsp="">

Jan was a month i had to study my ass off for reports and UTs :( 

boo hoo 

just a random #ootd 

oh and jxn vnwt n I had a mini-photo shoot @ my place lol hahahaha it was rather fun though :) 

oh n I dyed my hair again it was s'posed to be green but turned out grey.......
I went back to dye it again n now it actually looks like this....
(not very clear 'cause the other clearer photo doesn't look good but hey you can still see the colour!)

yup went for an audition w jxn toh but 99% we didn't get in :( it's ok!! hui hui got us free starbucks so the universe is set right again!!!
happy us with starbuck yippee!

parted w jxn n went to meet the boys for the chinatown reunion dinner 'cause we won the video contest!!!!! 

the winners :) oh n our team mates who are not here with us....
my rp boyszz

january was a good month! n even though my green ring broke, I'm glad I bought myself another one, n it's from pandora teehee

"All love begins with the love within" -  Vironika Tugaleva 

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR ONCE AGAIN, hope you get many many many many red packets :)

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