Thursday, December 26, 2013


This was how i celebrated my x'mas on different days with different people!!

First was the last day of school, we ordered pizza and had gift exchange in class o what fun~ hahaha
 yay n i received sweets and cookies from geraldine n pei ling respectively!
 All our presents lined up weeee~
 awwww geraldine n germaine :)
 here's hafizah x
 n another one w pei ling!!
 hattiechuchu hahahaha
 our own korean boy justin
 w the besties alexa n vanessa!
 yay tagged along w the girls to buy drinks for the class!
 our pizza for lunch woohoo (n the 2 annoying boys in the background hahahah)
 YAY gift exchange time n my secret santa is pei ling! Thanks for all the little presents lovin' it ;)
 n my secret but not so secret hahaha santee teehee jolene ;)
 yay classmates eating heartily!
 showing some x'mas spirit!

 a not complete class photo!
 min :)

After that I met up with Fel for a short catch up n some dina

Yay next up was our x'mas exchange w #hob ;) 
 jxn toh hereeeee!
 LOOK AT THOSE CUTESY XMAS CARDS i made them ok teehee so proud it's the first time I made a pretty card hahaha
 n a shot with jessssss
 all our presents :)
 n the person who got my gift was pee! Sorry mine wasn't exactly a nice gift or something I thought you'd wear o well maybe in the future when you wanna be sexy when you sleep for that special someone hahaha
 After our meet up @ old town (tradition place), jess went off to meet her friends n so jxn n pee decided we should go watch a movie at chambers n so we did! Caught Pee Mak n it was hilarious omg i can't even hahaha i literally LOL sorry guys i know my laughter always must maintain one

 bumped into Jess when we went to have dinner @ Aston's n so we took a group photo!
 2 best buds xx
 N HERE COMES THE PRINCESS CUM BIMBO VNWT that we impromptu met up with at wlds (she had cheer so she couldn't have a gift exchange w us boo hoo)

 another group photo xx

NEXT UP WAS ICE SKATING W MED N SALLY woohoo i love ice skating my love for ice skating will never cease even though i'm recovering from a bad blister :(

 Med's nervous face because she has never ice skate before i'm so proud to be the first person she ice skated with!! :)

 Med holding onto sally for dear life HAHA
 yay girl power :)
 n me as usual doing a weird act cute pose
 Awwww sally doing a heart-shaped pose (which i forced her to lol it's so cute isn't it!!)
 n here's Med with her virgin pose on ice hahaha
 Me as usual tryna step model
 After ice skating i met up with the boys for dinner!

Then our impromptu decision to watch 47 Ronin n then supper n we played lan till 5 in the morning omg I laughed so hard while playing 'cause we were so funny haahaha 
 thanks for the treat :) xx
 then i went off to meet Sikeen n his friends @ beer market n actually countdown there!
 Dragged wei ling along to celebrate xmas teehee
 all my girlies xxx

n then it was x'mas! happy birthday jesus thank you for the cross x
 Lunch with my family @ Long Beach

 my ah ma so cute right omg hahahaha
 family photo xx

that was how i celebrated my x'mas with different people i hope every one of you had a blessed x'mas as much as i did it was lovely spending time w these bunch of people n i thank God i've them this year yay xxx 

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