Sunday, November 10, 2013

what i've been up to

So I haven't blogged about my halloween celebration this year! I went to Spooks this year with Fel, Ali n Jiafa! Met Zaxe to get tix from her :)
 Us getting all geared up for halloween with little props hahahaha
It was actually quite scary for me 'cause yes i'm a scaredy-cat i had to hold on to Fel damn tightly la we only managed to enter 3 haunted houses which i guess were the most scariest ones Chaba scared the shit out of me i didn't really see much but it was a good experience though hahaha I hope next year i will manage to not hide my head behind people's back and open my eyes throughout the trail

 I can't remember when this was but it was a saturday n we went cycling!! Finally omg one of my favourite past time is actually cycling but not like for sports or anything I just like to feel the breeze and all
 mandatory group shot teehee #teaminvestigation
 then we had 328 katong laksa omg another finally hahaha have been craving for this for awhile n finally tried it it was really good!!

Sunday n met wl n belley for brunch @ i forgot where haha n we forgot to take photos together :(
N then fast forward to sat i can't remember went to meet Elsent n we went to ACM for this halloween event (i was curious n so i dragged him along with me teehee)
 it was actually nothing much more for family n kids!

We then went to have greg's birthday dinner n celebrated his birthday @ dream (supposed to be at mansion but the crowd wasn't right, then wanted to go zouk but they say cannot go in already so bo bian dream :( )

This was recently I think last week? I went to meet zy n xy @ LOL n my sister drove me down to meet them weeeee

School has been good! I'm learning and I so prefer schooling than working :(

So that is all! Thanks for reading :) xxx

p/s something I find really close to heart:

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