Sunday, October 27, 2013

my week in summary

I must say this week is actually quite long ago if I'm not wrong I think this should be 2 weeks back or smth? But yeah so monday met Esther, Cy and hui hui for dinner n an impromptu movie in town!! We managed to force esther to watch insidious 2 with us yay n it was awesome la hahaha super scary but worth it i love insidious!!!! 

 Tuesday was JB day with the Uniqlozxs
 spot li ping behind hahaha


 We walked damn far to get to this BKT store but it was worth it la the food was damn good! Movie at KSL before we had abalone noodles for dinner yumz

 Yay met Jess n pee n jxn to celebrate pee's birthday!!

 We had brunch at Wild Honey which is so pricey but nice la

 Group photo in the toilet (as usual)
 with the birthday girl xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

 Then we cabbed to Bugis, walked around and sheesha-ed!!!

 we ate n chilled n talked about everything

 totally spiesz xoxo

It was beach day on saturday w the girls!
a goofy face from me to you hello 

Hafizah didn't managed to make it :(

 Salina then went off while Gene n I prepared n waited for the rest to come!!!

 Then we went to Azzura for the beach party!!!

 Lastly had steamboat with the UQs recently which I can't remember when haha

 yes i'm endorsing coke

That's all!


School has starting n it was good I like changes sometimes, it makes things easier to let go of n all i've been pretty shitty these past few weeks, months forever not going to work n all i need to be accountable for what i do n i want to make a difference now i want to be a better person achieve better things i want to make the most out of bad situations i thank God for so many things even though i still feel like shit n sometimes i feel all alone i know He's always there i just really want to rest in His shadows amen x

p/s thanks for reading :)

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