Monday, October 7, 2013

my weeeeeeeek

This was actually the previous previous week pee n i went to work at expo that wl intro us to haha it was quite awkward in the first place but thank God it got better 

how boring work was that we camwhored hahahaha 

we had to throw away a lot of food n that sucks :( 
 went to church on sunday n had this lovely meal @ star vista but the service was not good o wells

 met my cousins as well n had dinz w them!
 JB w greg n wl weeeeee had bkt first then we went to sing k n bought beers as welllll

 we had lok lok for dinz which was really good!!! omg i miss it now :(

 after work on one of the weekdays met #teaminvestigation for dinz @ sweechoooon
 n poor elsent who just did his braces can only have noodles awwwwww
bought myself this ring because i love it so much it reminded me of the necklace i bought @ mumbai which i lost :'( if u don't know the stone is green! 

n then i made a rash decision to cut my hair hahahaha 

 ok la it's not very nice but o well hair will grow hahaha so went to zouk on sat night w ali n irbelly n qing hui n her couzzie

 i had to pin my fringe up 'cause D was there omgxz
so yup this is how i look like now adding another one to my #reasonswhyimsingle :( 

service this week was great as usual grace grace always have new supply of grace for everything thank daddy amen! 

xoxo ashley/thanks for reading <3 nbsp="" p="">

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