Thursday, October 17, 2013

day out w S

n so we started our journey by taking buses trying to get to the Animal Resort n we as usual got lost because i yours truly led the way hahahaha (sorry :'( )
n so telepathy we both wore the same sandals out <3 p="">
here's me desperately checking google map in the scorching hot sun 

 decided to take some pictures because the place is so deserted!! it would make a great photo shoot hahaha feels like an apocalypse!
 n this abandoned looking place that i had to be in it because it looks cool lol
this is so tumblr omgsz ahahaha 
 FINAFUCKINGLY we walked like 100000km hahahahaha nah joking but we walked like one big round before we got here totally not for walking please take a cab/car if you're intending to go there but really, there's nothing much
 the first animal that greeted us was this dear horsey

 a mandatory shot for us both

 the rabbits there were super cute though!
 n these ducks were super creepy hahaha we were afraid to walk past them 'cause they were like going to attack us or smth :/
 n well look at these pigeons you might think they are just normal pigeons that's out there everywhere but nope these bunch of pigeons are mutated to be unafraid of human touch n were taught that humans are the parents because THEY JUST KEPT FOLLOWING S N I WHEREVER WE GO it's damn creepy n funny at the same time because we walked straight they follow we turn they follow we walk back they follow omg hahahaha

 n on the cab! we got on a cab n was planning to go to kampong buangkok but apparently the taxi uncle told us its no longer there anymore?!?!?!?!?!?! n so we went to little pancakes to have brunch instead :)
 lookey at S' lashes o goshxz
 after filling our tummy we went to the bus stop to see whether there's any nice places the bus would take us n tadah we went to a reservoir

n that sums up our trip!!!!

went to my place to shower n hers to watch a movie + dinner + sleep

always a great time spent w my all time bff looking forward to our next trip together xxx 

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