Monday, September 9, 2013

Xe's farewell supper

Tomorrow my best friend since i was 13 will be flying off to california to study and so we met up one last time w the girls before we see her again 9 months later (flesh n blood)
We went to Han's for supper and esther drove!!! woohoo it was a great trip chilling n talking n eating 
The quality of the photos suck so bad hahaha o well iphone's cam sucks blah
Esther driving has dawn upon us that we've all grown up!! since the first time we met each other @ the age of 13 young n innocent hahaha 
all my fav girls together missing cy 

My boo,

thank you for being there for me all these years be it physically/mentally. it must be emotionally hard for you to leave everything behind and leave just like that but i know that this experience will shape you and make you grow into a stronger better person!! God work wonders in your life and i as well as many other people can see it. I love you and 9 months is a short time so you'll be home soooooon we'll miss you xxx

(shall not be too mushy or emotional because you'll be back real soon teehee)

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