Monday, September 2, 2013

What i've been doing

so after my recent break up, my life seem to have been progressing so here's some events that highlighted my 2-3 months

didn't really bought a lot of things there as i was mostly crying on the streets of bangkok and mending my broken heart but there were a few garments i was nuts over so all in all a good trip i needed that getaway i'm ever so thankful to my sisters for paying for the air ticket and accommodation i am ever so blessed xx super drama please me hahaha flew to bkk the day after even got myself a fever what a dumb fuck i am lol
 then follow a string of parties (placed all the party pictures together) n the quality of the photos are shitty sorry!! too lazy to edit them as well ha ha

teehee lesbo
 yay did esther's eyes teehee your brows need some work!!!!!

so other than partying i met up with some of my friends as well! haven't seem them all in a very long time toooooooooooooo
 wah i want bkt now :'(

 BOOM a selfie here hahahahahahahhahahhahaha sorry

 celebrated jason's birthday as well in school totally miss all my friends who are having school now la sighz won't get a chance to see them in school anymore :(
this holiday i'm starting on my bike and i'm having my practical 1 later in the late afternoon all the best to me can't wait nervous n excited here's my helmet chio not hahaha 
 & the other 2 things that made my previous week was:

 lang leav
 bobo the unicornz

n andrei's pj party to end august- perfecto!!!!! shall blog about it next time ;)

xoxo thanks for reading! :) 

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