Wednesday, September 25, 2013

#thoughts #words

i cannot escape you
you reside in my mind
if nowhere feels like home to you,
it's because my mind is your home.

in my deepest thoughts,
there is you
my subconscious - no matter what i do- you
even in my dreams you are every character

don't you ever get tired?

- - -

you were the full stop to my sentences
the end of all my frowns.
you were the cherry on my pie
the crème de la crème
you were the lighthouse in my darkest times
help me i'm lost 

- - -

its funny how slowly things start to get blurry
all the vivid memories seem to fade away with time

pieces of


 along with

pieces of


slowly, i'm disappearing
i do not know how to grasp reality

 how to live

holding onto a plank of wood
struggling just to breath                e
tell me whats the point of all of this?

- - -

Anchor Girl 

once upon a time 
there was a girl 
unlike any girl 
she was an anchor

all her life she wanted to fall in love
but every boy she met could not love her
for her weight would only kill them 

so she gave up on love 
and let her weight drown her
she sank to the bottom of the ocean 
close her eyes n teared


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