Monday, September 30, 2013


in life we've to see
the different faces there is 
inviting smile of a witch
how sweet it can be
the masks that look like skin
the knife thats wrapped as a gift
don't be fooled you see
how awful humans can be

this past week has been rather................mundane it was all home > work > different work > home 
next week's gonna be better even though i'm working for 4 days as i'm meeting people and i love to meet people teehee have a great week ahead guyz 

(my eyes pajiao)
church service was good today as well pastor prince is always good n his sermons always touches my heart God is good all the time in my weakness he manifests n He is my strength thank You for everything the good n the bad everything will be better xxx the power of right believing xxx 

amen/xoxo ashley 

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