Tuesday, September 10, 2013


#throwback no.1

a rose she said, or maybe even 2
a letter she said, of poems & thoughts
a song she said, of feelings & notes
a card she said, of thankyous & iloveyous
a dream she said, all of this in her head

#trainjourney 9:01a.m.

there are things i wish i've said
heartfelt words kept @ bay
my cards laid out on your table
unturned, untouched

there are things i wish i've done
actions from the heart
almost touching, never touching
forever this mirage

#atwork no. 1

I feel your presence 
in the passing wind
i see your face
every night in my dreams

the sound of your voice
echoes in my mind
the taste of your lips 
never again on mine

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