Sunday, September 15, 2013

my week in summary

Monday was a day out w irbelley and wei ling! baked @ irbelley's place then met wei ling @ commonwealth before we headed down to 2 chef's for dinz 
look yummy not?? teehee it was super yumz 
the famous milk powder pork ribs i've been dying to have since forever!!!!! finally had it weeeee~
even had my all time fav cereal prawns yumz 

this for dessert!! cheap n good yumz 

Then i went for KBBQ w the #SRU on wed! 

Thursday went to the gym n swimming w alison n michelle n val!!

Then friday went out w lp n fel to watch 'we're the millers'!! It was hilarious!!!! 

We then went to alley bar to drink a bit n headed to dhoby to chill n had some h2h great night spent w my girls n i spent my weekends being sick m e h 
Thanks for reading xoxo

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