Thursday, September 12, 2013

more of what's in my head

People of the past 
People of the present
People of the past becomes present
& the present turns to past. 

All i want is people of forever
people from the past present & future
someone to be here now & ever


Our love was like a rose, 
all that was seen was the beautiful bloom & the ugly wilt.
Whoever saw the thorns
the danger sign
& warn me not to hold so tight? 


memories, mold into dead weight
memories, makes it hard for me to look you in the eye
memories, make me want to stay away 


lost in the moment
carried away
blown by the winds of impulse

looking for treasures 
open the chest
all of that went to nought 


To have once before 
To have not at all

Which of this is most blue?

To once have had & lost it all
To have never love before?

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