Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Andrei's PJ surprise birthday party

So that day started with me heading over to SSDC to get my pdl updated and booked my first practical! Then met eugene n kelvin to pick up the girls n off we go to mbs too bad we didn't have decos to doll the place up but luckily we at least have a theme!! 

We had lunch over @ some atas pizza place which were delicious omgz 
So most of us adhered to the theme ('cept for lonely boy weixun) n we even tied our hair to like old school ponytails n what nots

I remember our days in school singing chinese songs hahahaha
 hui hui n i even tied eugene's hair up n made him look like shrek oops hahahahaha

n finally the birthday boy arrived!!! 
 here's team eugene while playing beer pong!!!

I loved beer pong even though i only managed to get the ball in the cup like once? but it was so funnnnn
The best part was we managed to get birthday boy drunk!!!!!! hahahaha 

n this two sehka 

Awwwwwwwwwwwwww happy advanced birthday!!!! 

turned the whole place into a house party what w the girls on the makeshift podium n me as dj hahaha DJ ASH IN DA HOUSE YO 

After we finished all the beers we started playing games n drinking martell n when we got to the belvedere lemon tea which was the worst drink ever, we all didn't felt like drinking anymore so we went to 7-11 to buy cup noodles n filled our tummy before getting our fat ass to bed

here's some of our group shots:

so that was that had a great night!!!!! D dropped by for awhile n was super drunk la another sehka so yupz

// thanks for reading xoxo (stole some photos from esther n idk where the video esther made went to but will post it up when i get it 'cause its a w e s o m e)

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