Wednesday, August 14, 2013


so recently i've been pondering about the value of true friends, and what true friends are supposed to be like. I'm not exactly a good friend and all but i guess the basis of true friends is being there for each other, in every special moments. that's why we have people as bridesmaid, best man and all. there will definitely be a few people that are closer to us, who understands us more, been with us longer, share special memories with and those people are the ones we cherish most, they are kept in a special chamber in our hearts and will never lose their place. but what happens if those people, those friends, are not true to you? do you let them go? or continue the friendship, knowing clearly that he/she would only do so much for you. they say better a friend than foe, so perhaps one should just allow that person to continue leaving black threads around our hearts? or maybe just allow them to slowly leave that special chamber, and be acquaintance? i do think that is best. i've been fighting for people for awhile now, and i'm tired. i am lonely. if i were to have no friends, i guess the world would be more a gloomy place. but i guess that'd do. if one person wants to stay in your life, they would n you wouldn't have to fight for chances to meet, hang out and all. 

p/s one thought: it was my first, and i've never asked anyone before, that rejection stings, just so you know.

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