Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Cooking Day

Yesterday was one of the days that i really like the most- when my baby cooks for me. I love to eat his cooking because it's almost always delicious ('cept for that one time he cooked cereal fried rice which was............ let's just not talk about it hahaha)

Wanted to cook salmon but we reached ntuc at like 8 plus? so there were no salmons left. So M picked up some chix breast, mushrooms, garlic, potato, asparagus and we were done.

No recipe were necessary for M because Chef Goh always anyhow cook hahaha
As an assistant chef, i cut the potato into halves, the asparagus and poured orange juice. So thankful for M because he cooked n cleaned for me~ so loved. *blush*

The night was somehow ruined because we saw like 1 mother cockroach in the fucking kitchen and it had like eggs n it was so fucking gross n worst of all is that morning i saw 1 cockroach in the bathroom, then when M left, i saw another one in the kitchen again, n another one near the rubbish disposal (which was dead) and 2 outside my house on the 9th level. Fucking grossed out. I h a t e cockroaches. To death. Ugh.

This sums up my little special tuesday night. Thinking about M makes everything feel better. x

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