Thursday, April 25, 2013

Happy things

I've been feeling rather grumpy these days, what with my internship being more of a killjoy (if it was a person) and making me feel like i'm just doing shit everyday.... But I decided to snap out of it! Yes, I decided to kick away my negativities and be happier so that i'll be able to do my work better and look better and yeah.

Here's a few things I personally feel could make one feel better:

1. Pamper evenings

Yes, i got that idea from Zoella but there are definitely a few things that i'm lacking from her original video like a bathtub :( I can still do it asian style. So yes, pamper evenings include masks (all sorts of them, like face mask, hair mask, EVERYTHING!!!!!) n then you can paint your nails while waiting for your nails to be done, do some shaving if you need to and that completes a pamper evening! Super simple and definitely pampering. I plan to do this every monday while my boy's at work.

2. Happy music

This is definitely great, i mean like music lifts up your soul! I know music affects quite a lot of people and so i think that listening to the right music is really important. When you're sad, you like to listen to sad music because it suits your mood. But that only makes you sadder and i know i do that all the time. But to be happy, the answer is really simple, listen to happy music! So yup here are a few songs/playlist that kept my mood high and my head bobbing (there was a point of time i even wanted to break out into a dance haha)

3. Inspirational notes 

What better to make you feel happier when you read of other people's success? Ok sometimes it brings you down instead. So actually, i write them for myself. Like this: 
haha yes Fridays make me happy because it means 2 non working days!! YIPPEE
Notice i also wrote everything that i need to do in my favorite color! Little things like this makes doing work a little better. 
If not, you can also write inspirational notes on a post it and paste it somewhere visible so that it will motivate you! 

So yup, this is my short post on how to live happier each day. Simple steps. Not expensive as well! I hope you enjoyed it :) 

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