Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sentosa Saturday


now i have time to blog about 2 saturdays back! Celebrated Melly's birthday at Azzura with some classmates n then went to Chunkfest w jacob jxn n pee n Pastamania dinner w jac n yk before heading off to Marsiling n meet my primary school friends days like this so well spent!! Met so many people in a day so so happy n tired but it was worth it hehe love days like this drinking in the afternoon with whisky n beer Melly's cake was baked by yours truly n Belley n Xiao Ling Ling! hehehe of course all i really did was crush oreos (didn't really do a good job at that) n some stirring ha ha but great night spent over at Belle's doing up Melly's card with XLL while we chat n laugh n were so drained n so i spent the night over at Belle's leaving at 8 in the morning with FBT and shoes oh boy what a sight n yup after drinking during the afternoon late at night went drinking at huimin's place with the primary school friends !! then You ping cycled me back w Ho jj n jolyn ha ha it was thrilling but boy was i afraid that i was too heavy for You ping he really seemed out of breath but it was all good n i reached home really safe hehe that's my saturday xxx

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