Thursday, September 13, 2012

Jalan Raya

I spent saturday well! Jalan Raya with the Uniqlo people it didn't really start on a good note 'cause everyone was late apparently i was the 2nd earliest Yong Chang (being the only guy) was the earliest n we waited for about half an hour till the rest all came n we had to miss nala's place 'cause we were too late :( headed straight to adlin's place n simple sumptuous food greeted us there yummy we sat down n chilled for awhile watching Avenger's before heading down to farah's place n we had food again omg it was good! don't know what they were all called but i had like beef n something else haha while watching this hindu film called my name is khan (?!) really good though! nurul cried while watching it hahaha n omg farah has 3 cats n they were s o s o s o c u t e (!!!!!!!!!!) hehe so after that we went to hamidah's place it was nicely themed her walls were yellow and green super nice n we watched mtv singing n dancing along to music videos ha ha took lots of pictures there n had finger food too yummy it was quite late n so around 9 plus we left! jxn n i went to watch Ted it was a w e s o m e fucking hilarious omg really wanna watch it again rate it 5/5!!! happy week ahead guys xxx 

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