Tuesday, August 21, 2012

where is he?

i want to run around the record store with him picking out our favorite albums serenading each other with our favorite songs i want to lay on dirty grass with him in the middle of the night roll around and gaze at the night sky filled with stars hands held tight breathing in the cold night breeze i want to strip down to the core skinny dip in the sea laugh and hug each other tightly in freezing cold water i want to run run as fast as i can on the beach with him chasing me and pulling me down as we roll on the sand laughing i want to drink and get drunk with him while we dance at public parks and get high and do stupid things together i want to cuddle next to him on rainy days i want to watch sappy films and cry with him patting my head and holding me tighter every sob i want to hold his hand until we fall asleep i want to wake up next to him everyday i want pillow fights i want piggybacks i want to go to the theme park with him in shades and with ice cream i want to go on roller coaster rides with him and scream our lungs out i want to go on long bus rides with him while i fall asleep on his shoulders i want to leave bite marks on him i want to call him in the middle of the night and 10 minutes later a knock on the door with fruit nuggets i want to travel with him i want to do so many things with him i want him 

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