Thursday, August 9, 2012

Peiyu's birthday

Celebrated Peiyu's birthday around a week back! After school we all met up n headed to *scape for ktv! Scored vouchers for kbox at *Scape and we spent $130 there ha ha with beer n all then Jolyn You ping n I sneaked out to buy a cake for her n it was hilarious as we bought the wrong cake size n flavor ha ha ended up more expensive than we thought but it was worth it ;) danced around the ktv room, sang our hearts out and back we go to home n prepare for school the next day ha ha such is life i hope u enjoyed the time u have w us pei yu we've been friends since primary school n i wish u all the best in your studies as well as in everything u hope to accomplish xxx

*photos stolen from Xiao Qian's camera hehe

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