Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Eug's 18th

Happy 18th Eug, finally you've joined us on the other side the grass might not be greener than you thought but hey at least now we're all legal to party together it'd be fun ;) So after school i headed to meet Andrei for laoban n it was awesome! Yums then we tapao-ed for the rest of 'em n headed to MBS to meet Eugene n jerome w his gf we slacked a bit n called pizza n the rest of 'em came so we ate n drank liquor n played games too bad i had to leave early 'cause of work the next day if not i would have seen what a bad case of drunkard jerome was ha ha anyhow i hope Eug n sheng dong had plenty of fun hehe it was Sheng dong's 20th birthday too both old already ha ha love u boys see y'all soon xxx

p/s photos stolen from eug's camera don't arrest me please tq x

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