Sunday, June 24, 2012


So a week back on a saturday night after work jxn n i rushed to zouk n change n meet jess n friends! It wad to celebrate Aloysius' birthday! Miss 'em all ha ha ha paid cover for the 2nd time in my short life sigh $25 leh but oh well i hope the next time i don't have to :( had a lot of fun aha most of the time just finding people n spilling tequila all over myself -_____- n then falling down in front of this guy omg -_____- hahaha n climbing the fence outside to get jess' phone haha epic must go to zouk next time hehe phuture was funnnnn thank God for dear sean that came n picked me + jxn n kit up n we had supper w the rest at alameen before we all head home n i had around 2-3 hours of sleep before work ha ha but no regrets! Had a great time till next time x

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