Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dear diary,

today i thought of all the times i've wasted on the train on the bus n i thought of what i did during those times n i realized my mind always wandered back to u i don't know whether they r u u or not but maybe they were all just figures of u i've created in my head there's us on the beach in a car on a motorbike under my block but yeah i guess they weren't u at all the u in reality wouldn't have come all the way under my block or at my door waiting for me to hug me n tell me things r going to be fine now no n perhaps absence has made my heart grow fonder n distance i drew different images of u n perhaps i was just lonely n well................. nice comeback anyway i guess there's no need for anything anymore efforts i should just cast away because what was i thinking? things can never be the same again

"If you really miss me, you need to grow up and get into your car and come and see me." 

I wish i had a car x

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