Sunday, May 20, 2012

boo's 18th


wow you're finally 18 been waiting for this day for quite awhile we've known each other since secondary one while we were looking like this:
to what we are today (p/s i wanted to show the picture of us in secondary 1 but i can't find it next time ok hahahahaha fucking epic photo i swear) 

ok so how long have we been friends? Hmm.. when we were 13 to now 18 wow about 5 years huh ha ha with all our quarrels fights arguments unhappiness tears n laughters all our problems we've faced together the mountains we've climbed we've really grown up haven't we? ( i hope so) hahaha from hanging around at causeway points level 6 eating fried chicken to now going clubbing together n having decent food, chilling at decent places ha ha alright i just want u to know that i cherish our friendship we've spent 5 years of our life together n i hope that we will be able to spend our lives together until the end i thank God for your presence in my life it has shaped me n build me up thanks for being my confidante my listening ears my best friend i wish u all da best in your studies n i hope n pray that may you always be with God n trust in His powers to always be there for u in times of need i hope that in time to come u will be able to share more things with me 'cause i will always want to be there for u, whenever u need at least. i love u da en happy 18th be strong n stay strong x 

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