Monday, March 5, 2012


leaving for Genting in a few hours' time n yes i decided not to sleep n conjuring up this blog post with nothing in mind nothing to really talk about n frankly yes nothing to do but tumblr-ing n thinking about things i really shouldn't be talking about but ok been fretting over my birthday chalet i know i'll have to spend a lot on food/alcohol/misc. n that really brings down my mood but i'll leave that to God n pray that He'll sort things out for me all I have to do is work moreeeeee n well that just about what's happening in my life so far work n work n work n oh not to forget sleep n well money is always not enough huh but it's fine i'm coping well colleagues r really great n i'm thankful for that i always feel like there's something lacking in my life n maybe that's u n maybe not but whatever i've too many things on my mind i need to care about i've no time for u anymore so it's good i've things planned out this holiday n i really hope i can fulfill them Genting trip will be a  blast so when i'm back i'll have to 1) settle financial shit 2) plan for my birthday chalet 3) pack my room that's all for now i guess x 

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