Sunday, March 25, 2012

my will

n how weak how torn i am how desperate how lonely i have been forever living in my own world isn't it i tear myself apart n that wasn't enough n if i had the guts i had the anger i guess i will leave even if i've no place to stay nowhere to go i will write a will for everything i've owed n i hope that when i'm gone that my absence itself will repay half of all my debts to u emotionally n physically n what with left of all my belongings sell them n rent my room so i can pay you back whatever i've owed even when i'm not here anymore do not leave a trace of my belongings sell them away or burn them to ashes n throw them into the bin they mean nothing more take my body cremate it throw them into the ocean let those ashes free let me be free n if i have a funeral let it be Christian but a funeral i don't need there's nothing to weep but if a funeral u need to get the monetary benefits go for it i will be gone not too soon not too late maybe at the time we all cannot take the burden you've had for 18 years i hope i shed some weight on your strong shoulders at last at long last i hope i do "live fast die young" x

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