Sunday, February 5, 2012

these days on photo booth

Went drinking with the same bunch of people a couple of weeks back? during CNY period on the 27th Jan n we drank at Iz's place we had the place all to ourselves n all the gamblers gambled first while i do my RJ n leonard lost $100 smartass n then we drank n i didn't really get high but we played the relax game quite well which was fun it was fast n all the tagging were epic n we just had to keep drinking n V drank till she puked mushrooms... #okcan n well it was a fun night. Would've been complete if i were super high n jumped around n roll around n all but i didn't so less burden for everyone...... yes the night ended in the morning ha ha

n then yesterday Salina n I wore shorts to Chingay n were kicked out so we went to OM n we bought two items each n we headed to Plaza Sing to have dins n we had kfc omg i've had 3 fast food in a span of 4 days #fail so yeah we wanted to catch 'Chronicle' but it was really full n there were no good seats left we went to Starbucks at the Cathay to watch DVD n i bought chocolate chip cream frap n i asked for extra whipped cream n this guy gave me a lotttttttttttttttttttttttttttt omg n then i had a hard time using the straw n the cover to eat the whipped cream n he so kindly brought a spoon to where i was seated! isn't that sweet.. n so Salina n i watched 'Grave of the fireflies' n cried our hearts out at Starbucks. Awkward much ha ha we were laughing n crying at the same time n then we took photos on photo booth n videos of us singing n all will upload the videos soon! Great friday night spent x

p.s more photos r up on fb hehe 

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