Friday, December 30, 2011


Here's a sum up of the whole entire 2011:
- O LEVEL RESULTS OMG hahaha i remember feeling so afraid n praying at the same time hoping for God's mercy n i braved the night at Tiffany's before we headed to school together n got our results ha ha n i got 18! not bad for someone who has slacked off the entire upper sec n drown in own's sorrow n try to cope w exams hehehe
- had a terrible haircut n i cried over it n felt like shit for days ha ha ha
- not forgetting i started work at M1!
- n i got into RP! Was really unhappy about it sigh sigh but oh well quite nonchalant too ha
- CHINESE NEW YEARRRRRR ang bao lai lai lai

- papa's birthday hehe

- oh n since school hasn't started i read like a lot of good books like every off day i will spend the day at home just reading no joke ha h a no life but i like it
- met my primary school friends as well hehe good times <3

- did my first tattoo with xe by Jiaxi
- n i got my MACBOOK PRO hehehehe <3
- went to an underage party with Jolyn ha ha ha funny
- watched plays hehe i love theatre
- kok heng's birthday!! always meeting up every year for his birthday hehe me like
- omg I WENT TO USS WITH XIAO EN RINA N TIFFANYYYYYYYYYYY <3 it was awesome like the best day of our lives i really had a lot of fun that day n it all feels so magical

- Acc Syahilah to cut her hair short! hehe best friends with short hair awesomezxcs 

- CLASS CHALETTTTTTTTTTT 2e3! really fun hehe poker wild wild wet chill night cycle to changi buy alcohol drink drank dare bbq drink drank dare round 2 heh cried a bit then back to normal i had a lot of fun that few days too miss those people <3 

- ha ha ha went for Ben & Jerry's interview n praying that i get the job! 
- Eldest sister's wedding! Was a bridesmaid n omg was it tiringggggggggg but fun something happened to papa that got me damn frightened but thank God everything's ok so yeah Happy Marriage <3 

- BKK WITH RINAAAAAAAAAA hehe first time to bkk it was nice not much to spend but company was great n more than i could ask for especially with May that brought us around too 

- Orientation day ha ha RP student now omg was so nervous don't know who i'd meet don't know anyone don't know what to do who to talk to so scary 
- MY BIRTHDDDAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY WOOHOO hahaha ok i read the post i wrote before my birthday post n i was so gloomy then i went to my birthday post n it was so .... different ha ha i was very very happy thank u for the surprise guys ;) i celebrated my birthday at the night safari n i had fun with the girls(tiffany, xe n rina!) thank u for making time for me <3 especially grateful for the doc marts i received as my birthday present my first doc marts n hopefully more to come x 

- I WENT FOR MAROON FIVE'S CONCERT OMG OMG OMG OMG hehe it was my birthday gift from everyone thank u guys my secondary school friends muacks <3 

- then school started W47R was my first class n my classmates were pretty good i had fun being in class with them n it was awesome, especially my TAITAIs ha ha (i'm the youngest)

-  did my 2nd tattoo!
- mini blog war with hw ha ha sorry about that
-  Xe's birthday sorry it was so... un-grand i know u don't like/feel awkward w this kind of things n i don't really know how to make things better but i hope u feel my intention <3

- ha ha ha liked S n well i had a really good time with him just chilling around talking our hearts out n spending time together ;) but idk i guess we were too dramatic not meant to be
- Rina's Birthday hehehe also nothing big but i hope my presence was enough to make you feel special hahahaha like i some big fuck huh no la i meant you are important to me <3

- went to CHC too n met quite a few nice people thank God
- then begins my clubbing spree(?) ha ha ha with peggy xanthe charmaine michelle chelsia

- went to Sentosa for the 2nd time this year! ha ha with peggy andrew gary n donald

- mega kitty event w my friends sold 11 tix to them n earned a few bucks ;)

- summer romance i was very happy u made me very happy but i guess that was it i don't know anymore but what we had, wasn't nothing thank u for the memories u've given me i felt loved 
- celebrated Eugene's birthday ha ha kena trashed like mad 

- Pei's hen's night! clubbing with your sister.. #theawkwardmoment ha ha ha 

- FINAL-FUCKING-LY DID MY NAVAL PIERCING WOOHOO thanks Jolyn for paying for it as my belated birthday present u da bestxzxcs <3 
- Pei's wedding! Happy Marriage n yay to finding true love <3 

- Birthday Outing with Syahilah hehehehe to. the. FROG. FARM <3 

- Zhen's Birthday! <3 Celebrated it at Changi Airport's swensens

-National Day with my primary school friends <3 it was super hot n i got tanned after a day at Marina Barrage but it was worth it 'cause i had so much fun just chilling around n spending time with them ah i miss them so much now! 

- Ph with Jessica n Liling n Charmaine ha ha another night of dancing woohoo

- First time wearing formal outfit for school!

- went to Waterfront n celebrated ZY & Iz's birthday h a ha was so drunk i nearly jumped from 2nd floor ha ha ha ok maintain 

- ktv with sisters 

- started drinking with jessica isaac zy matthew n the rest 
- volunteered for marathons ha ha fucking tired but good experience 
- Xan's birthday! hehe it's nothing much but i hope u enjoyed yourself n had a great time with us taitais <3 miss u miss u 

-4e3 Class BBQ + birthday surprise celebration for Andrei my hubby! 

- Birthday chalet for Andrei my hubby again too <3 this time with different group of friends!

- T I O M A N with Jessica n friends hehehehe awesomezxcs had a lot of fun there sometimes we do nothing really chill like crazy n then we drink at night n smoke n we got lost in the jungle (thanks to me) n snorkeled omg it was so fun n drink again n played with fire extinguisher n star gazed omg it was beautiful n we missed the bus back to Singapore had to wait 2 hours 

- thus began our weekly town ritual (w jessica jxn xprisxc vnwt n others) <3

- start of semester 2 new classmates different classes everyday new faci but everything was great i really adore my classmates i could never ask for more n it was really awesome knowing them field trips were super fun n classes never boring 'cause the boys r so entertaining laughters everyday thank u Y1S2 <3 

- went for Chunkfest this year w the ben & jerry's people woohoo 

- PHUKET WITH  MY FAMILYYYYYY <3 super fun even though my eyes were being a fucking bitch swollen n i couldn't see a single shit had to wear specs ugh but the trip was awesome had roadside food, parasailed, explored caves! A perfect getaway  thank u sisters for making the trip possible for me <3 

- Halloween! nothing much this year just to town with the girls n C to watch PA3 n that's it but great company ;) 
- Lunch w Jabez to celebrate his birthday w xe n shiwei ;) 
- 11.11.11 celebrated with the girls n C hehe makan-ed at NYDC n sheesha-ed nothing much though was pretty spoiler 'cause we were all so excited but still an awesome day <3

- ha ha went to jxn's place n cooked up a storm w the girls i had a great time cooking n eating omg wasn't it delicious yum yum yum our pasta, soup n ice cream for dessert! 

- Salina's Birthday celebrated in school w her friends n us hehe <3 happy 18th ;) 

- USS with family hhehehe love the rides omg awesomezxcs x 
- volunteered for Standard Chartered Marathon 
- field trips n more field trips 
- Secret Santa in class was awesome loved the christmas atmosphere tq Salina for the socks! 

- Zoo with Syahilah to celebrate her birthday! it was really fun n i had a great time not been to the zoo in a few years i think the last time i went was also with her? around 3 years ago or 4? hahaha yes tiring but loved it 

- Sunway Lagoon with the girls!! Esther xe n Tiffany <3 had a good time a nice getaway from Singapore shopped everyday played the rides n chillax more overseas trip when we're richer <3 

- Jessica's birthday chalet! I hope u had a blast n well never forget us muahahaha 
- X'mas Eve w the girls hehehe awesome christmas in town thank u for a wonderful x'mas n thank u gf jxntoh for the present hehe 

-steamboat dinner at my place again weeeeee~
-countdown with the girls!

n not to forget the people who made my 2011 so much fun, excitement, enjoyment, love, awesome. (in order of the month)
Xiao 'En: Thank u for never giving up on me even when times r tough. I may not really know u after all that we've been through, but we're still good friends, the best of friends even. So for 2011, I thank u for being there for me. Thank u for all the moments when i feel so down n u were there. Thank u for being a part of my 2011 n i hope that u'll play a big part in making 2012 wonderful for me too i love you x 
Yong Qi: I've never really mentioned u but u were always there we'd meet for dinner, stay overs, n i thank u for being there for me too. When i was really down, when i feel vulnerable, I'd think of u n u'll be the one i turn to. Thank u for always standing by me n believing in me. Thank u for making 2011 a better year n being such a guardian angel for me i love you x 
Primary Sch Friends (Xiao Qian, Sharon, Jolyn, Pei Yu, Hui min, You Ping n the rest): thank u for being a part of my 2011 too hanging out with you guys made me feel better n i thank God that our friendship lasted so long i pray that 2012 will bring us more great memories <3 
Tiffany: Thank u for sticking by me through my toughest time n even though we did not really spend a lot of time together this year, I thank God that our friendship did not die out thank u for bring me to your church n showing me God's love as well thank u for 2011 n i pray that 2012 we'd spend more time with each other n create more memories  i love you x 
Rina: This year passes so quickly we didn't have time to meet frequently at all I'm sorry if i ever seem to have neglected u n i pray n hope that 2012 we'd hang out more i promise!! thank u for being here for me i know that even if we don't meet up often, if i needed u, u'd be there. thank u Rina i love you x 
Esther: Thank u for 2011, thank u for the sunway lagoon trip, thank u for not judging me n thank u for hanging around. Your A's are coming round next year n i pray that you'd get good grades amen! 
Secondary School Friends (Marie, Gurvin, Cheng  Yan, Andrei, Alfred, Zhen wei, Eugene, Jerome n the rest): thanks for 2011 glad that we managed to meet up n spend time together hoping for more time together in 2012 where everyone grows up more n be more matured ha ha ha 
Syahilah: As usual, we had our annual birthday outings n also we met up on other occasions as well! Yay to that 2011 was good n we fulfilled our promises to each other sorry that i didn't have any gift to u nor did i drew a card in 2012 i will try my best to get them both as it's your 18th birthday!! i love you x 
Taitais (Charmaine, Chelsia, Peggy n Xanthe) n Michelle: thank u for 2011! this year brought me u guys n i am grateful for that thank u for bringing me into your world showing me clubbing n everything else we may have fallen apart but i thank God for those times where we were very close to each other may we never forget each other n in 2012, we'll find true love( if u haven't already found one) xoxo
Jessica: thank u for an awesome 2011 without u my 2011 wouldn't be so perfect. thank u for bringing me clubbing, drinking as well. thank u for introducing me to ur friends n for bringing me so much fun 2011 rocks n u were a big part of it thank u for being there i love you x 
The girls (jxn, xprisxc, vnwt): thank u for spending time w me almost every week (or everyday for a week ha ha gf thanks hehe) n thank u for bringing me so much laughter, so much enjoyment. I have always wanted a clique of girlfriends n i have found y'all thank u for 2011 u've made it so much better i love u girls x 
Rach, PatPatPattty n lilting n Sze Pei n the rest of any girls in my life now: thank u for 2011, for hanging out with me, for making me laugh, for entertaining me ha ha thank u <3
Jabez: thank u for 2011 too, for the occasional meet ups, ice creams, n everything. Thank u for being here for me. 2011 has been a better year n u were a part of it too thank u so much for everything u've done for me God bless you <3  
Jacob: thank u for 2011 u've grossed it but made it great too h ah aha it's always a conflicting matter for u but yes u were a part of my great 2011 x
C: thank u for the late part of 2011, tolerating my nonsense, coming all the way down from somewhere so far to rp to hang out n all n for the dinner u've delivered, for the care n concern u've shown. sorry i wasn't good enough n that i had to be so brutal but i hope we're fine n i hope u're doing good right now thank u for 2011 u've done a part in making it well x 
A: thank u for 2011 even if u were only here for like a month? but thank u for bringing me so much emotions thank u for making me feel like a little girl again thank u for the dinners u've paid the cab fares from my place thank u for giving me butterflies in my tummy again n making me feel so happy.. again. we were wrong, but i was happy n i guess that was wrong too. But whatever, you made 2011 great, n that's what matters. I really really liked u n it was a pity i had to let u go. Still, thank u n all the best for your everything. 
The boys (Iz, ZY, Matthew n the rest n Wen Jie, Aloysius, Sikeen n the rest n any other boys i've missed out): thank u for 2011 hehe y'all were awesome drinking with y'all was fun n i'd love to do it again! ha ha i hope i won't run around too much but hey that's fun what ha ha anyway yes 2011 was good n meeting u guys were awesome a great 2012 to y'all!
Y1S2: Thank u classmates for all the love u've showered n just being a part of the class. I've had a lot of fun being with y'all n i hope that things won't end when we change class next year. All the best to our studies n may we prosper in our education as well as our careers n our personal lives. Thank u for the laughter, boys n thank u for the love, girls. 
Family: thank u for everything even when my financial strings were cut, love wasn't. thank u for this family u've given me, God n i will cherish them. I know they love me n i really love them a lot. I'm not good at expressing my feelings well n i hope they know i care a lot. 

2011 has been a great year with great friends n family i pray that 2012 will bring more love, more harmony, more peace n definitely more fun. I'm turning 18 next year n going wild *ROAR* ha ha ha kidding so yes goodbye 2011 hello 2012! 

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