Tuesday, October 25, 2011


On Monday, I was privileged to be given invites to watch the preview of 'Footloose'! & Yes I think you know, it was A-W-E-S-O-M-E! It wasn't those kind of movies you'll be bored at the beginning and hope that when it comes to the middle of the show, things will get better. It got me grinning from the start! I love how they started the movie by filming people's feet as they dance to the beat. Don't know what I mean? Well, go watch it!

Well, I went to check up on 'Footloose' and this is actually a remake of the 'Footloose' from the 1984 classic film! I didn't watch that one and I sure as hell would and well see how the director has changed it. Personally, I felt the male lead wasn't good looking, and I think you'd agree with me. However, he was hot. hahaha when he danced, his charisma will wow you and you'll definitely fall in love with him.

If you're looking for an eye candy, for the guys that is, the female lead, Ariel( her name in the show) is stunning. She has the body, the looks and everything in between. A little bit bitchy I must say, but she's still good to look at. hahha
A little bit about the movie, it's about this small town, Bomont, where a tragic accident involving 5 teenagers changed the whole town. They implemented a rule where loud music weren't allowed, public dancing weren't allowed to! Even I was shocked about this law, I mean seriously, dancing is against the law?! & well, this city boy Ren decided to challenge the ban and which movie doesn't have a love story? Not this one. He fell in love with Ariel! 
This is Ren's first friend in Bomont and you'll see how he turned from 'I can't dance' to well, just a fantastic dancer. hahaha No joke. But hey, nothing comes without practice and effort! There's a part where it shows how he started to learn dancing and it wasn't from Ren, watch the movie to find out! It got me laughing out loud and I must say not only me, everyone in the cinema was laughing and cheering! 

& well  for every movie, there must be a villain, so yeah this is him. A jerk. I thought he was quite cool in the beginning, and well, he turned out to an asshole. Don't know why? Yes GO WATCH THE MOVIEEEEEEEEE 

Something i really love about this movie is the dance moves, I thought this would be something like Step Up (another dancing movie). But it wasn't. It was totally different! It's more rock & roll. More country? Yeah. It's just different and i love it! Makes me feel like dancing in my seat. 

Other than that, I LOVE THE SOUNDTRACK! I really do. A few of my favorites are 'Dance the night away', 'holding out for a hero' and 'almost paradise'. 

So what are you waiting for? Go watch the movie when it comes out in theaters! I'm sure you'll not be disappointed! Thanks omy blog club for this opportunity to watch the preview of this movie! 

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