Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sis' Hen's night

The hen and her sister!
Ash and Les! hahaha 
Sisters <3
The 3 Ho sisters! (missing out the eldest one :'( ) 
Hehe Bride-to-be! <3
Took picture with this hot guitarist at Shanghai Dolly! 

So I shall backtrack a bit, on 9 July, I went to my sister's hen's night, celebrated at Shanghai Dolly! It was my virgin trip there and I must say, it was an eye opener.
So much different from powerhouse, obviously. The songs were different! There were live bands playing Cantonese songs and well, it wasn't my kind of place. But it was interesting, being in a different environment and being with so many older adults. I swear I was the youngest there. Seriously.
So we drank, listened to music, chatted, took pictures, danced and the night ended off well!
A little bit weird to be clubbing with your sisters though. Like they're all 6 years/10 years older than me.
Oh yeah and there was this guy who treated all of us girls to Jaggerbomb(if I didn't spelt wrongly). hehe awesome much?!
Heh Happy Marriage sis!
(next up: Her Wedding Day)

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