Sunday, August 21, 2011

& Once again, my blog is dead. It's only because I'm having my exams next week, which is actually this week 'cause Sunday is the start of every week. So yeah, I'm busy studying, or should I say busy getting distracted by twitter and tumblr and it'd be too much for me if I get distracted by blogging. So I did not attempt to update my blog. Ok that's a lie. I wanted to blog about my wishlist for this month and I just came up with a good idea of blogging about a new wishlist every month. Hmm.. I shall see how it goes. Meanwhile, let me entertain you with this patronizing post and also, look forward to belated posts on my sister's wedding day and National Day. & If you're interested, my tumblr is active most of the time. 
Be my guest and entertain yourself through thoughts of mine from the tumblr world. 
& here's something I'd like to share with you guys that I felt was really true to what I'm feeling now. 

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