Thursday, July 7, 2011

Eugene's Birthdayyyy

Heheheh Celebrated Eugene's Birthday today! 
Met up with them at RP then we headed to Jack's place at Civic Centre for dinner! 
We were like 10 minutes late for the student meal but since we had like 14 people, they extended the time for us! AWESOME OR WHAT!?! hehehe so we all had Student meal since it's cheaper haha 
Cynthia, me and Eugene! 
Hehehe taking a photo with Meiwei and xe's birthday card!
Heheh boo & I! 
Uhm.. Gay? 
We were all clueless as to where to go after dinner and since we had like $8 plus remaining from the dinner we decided to buy something for Eugene.. But we just don't know what to get. 

& I can't remember who had the smartest idea to buy whipped cream to spray on Eugene and since we were all rather mean people, HAHAHHAAHA we went to Fairprice and bought whipped cream and flour! We totally trash the entire place outside civic centre and I'm not even sure I should upload the video in case I/we get fined or whatever for vandalism. I just hope we will not 'cause it's EUGENE'S BIRTHDAY VIDEO!!! Have to upload no matter what. Hope we don't get on stomp too. hahahha 
 The best damn thing he ever received for his birthday hahahaha 
 Everyone oh so happy after bash-ing Eugene! 

 All the boys! 
Hehe I hope you had a fun day! Here's the videooooooooooooo: 

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