Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Are you TWISTED enough?

So I was lucky enough to be able to watch the preview of 'Twisted' on Saturday, a local movie directed by Chai Yee Wei starring local artistes,  like Mark Lee and other famous celebrities from Hong Kong, Malaysia and Taiwan!

I brought Syahilah along and we had a great time watching the movie and well lucky enough, we were early to catch the Press Conference! The cast and the director were there to publicize the movie! It was really crowded as everyone was bustling with excitement about the new film and what the casts wanted to say about it!
Here's a glimpse of the cast! hehe 
When we got our tickets! We were really filled with enthusiasm about the new film as we are the first few people to be able to watch the film before it comes on the big screen! 
Getting all ready to laugh and scare ourselves at the same time! 

And as we were just waiting for the show to start, the cameraman and some guy came and started talking about different sponsors and then the casts came and spoke to us! 
They were all hoping we would enjoy the movie and boy did I enjoy it! hehe

Hahaha my face totally showed how 'scared' I am while waiting for the movie to begin! It didn't help that they were playing spooky tunes!
Another photo of the cast! 
Here's the trailer for you to get to watch a little bit of what it'd be like: 

So after watching the movie, many thoughts came into my mind! But first, for those who're afraid of horror movies and have sworn off them because you can't sleep at night if you ever watch one, DON'T WORRY BECAUSE 'TWISTED' ISN'T REALLY THAT SCARY AFTER ALL. I'm serious! It's a horror comedy so come on! How scary can it get? But ok I admit there were a few scenes that can get you looking through your fingers and jumping in your seat but well other than that few scenes, it's mostly just gonna get you laughing. 
It is really damn funny. There were a lot of scenes that were so lame you couldn't resist laughing! Look at the poster above and tell me which part of it is sane? hahaha 

I honestly didn't expect how funny it'd be 'cause it really got me laughing out loud in the cinema! 

Alright, here's more about the movie itself. It has 3 parts of it that is intertwined. Different stories that actually come together at the end. & in each part, it tells a different kind of horror and a different kind of humor. 
The first part shows the scene between Mark Lee's character and how he dealt with a crazy DEAD girlfriend! 

The second part of the movie was about how a party night between the Air stewardesses and Air stewards GONE ALL WRONG! 
& well the third part of the movie? It is centered upon a possessed daughter and some dark secrets...

I felt that the last part of the movie when they sort of sum up everything, they did it good. It. Was. Hilarious. Not gonna spoil it for you but go on and watch it. 
OH and something else I really liked about the movie is the part when the Indian Father and son comes on. Really. In those 3 parts of the movie, the both of them comes out and just pay attention to them 'cause they really are just the best. hahahaha 
Alright, be sure to catch 'Twisted' in the cinemas! You definitely won't regret it! xoxo 
P.s Thank you omy.sg for making it possible for me to watch the preview! 

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