Friday, June 24, 2011

What do you think?

You think you’ve found the solution to end your lonely days. You think you’ve found the key to happiness. You think nothing could ever bring back those emo bugs. You think you’ve found a partner. Someone, to be there for you when you’re lonely, when you’re down. Someone who’ll always be there for you and never never hurt you. You think you’ve found the reason to living. You think, that your life is perfect now. Everything is slowly falling into place. Your friends, your new guy in your life. You think that all the bullshit in the past, will stay in the past. You think that your friends will love you and the new guy in your life will bring you everlasting joy and nothing will ever destroy well, everything that is happening in your life now! But yes, you thought wrong. Everything, eventually passes. Including happiness. Including all your friends. Including the guy you thought could make you happy for a very long time. Nope I didn’t say forever. But still, he didn’t. & as time passes, everything fades away. Everything dulls. You get sick and tired of one another. Then what? nothing. You go back to feeling like shit.

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